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Romantic Love Abbreviations For Valentine’s Day

We all need to use abbreviations or short forms or acronyms in this age of microblogging and mobile sms. So here is a cute collection of 30 most romantic love abbreviations which you can use for Valentine's Day!

  1. 143: I Love You (Number of letters in each word)
  2. ALIWanIsU: All I Want Is You
  3. AML: All My Love
  4. BF: Boyfriend
  5. IWALU: I will always love you
  6. BOLTOP: Better On Lips Than On Paper (For a Kiss)
  7. BURMA: Between Us, Remember Me Always
  8. CANADA: Cute And Naughty Action that Developed into Attraction
  9. CHINA: Come Here I Need Affection
  10. CLWU: Can’t Live Without U(=you)
  11. 4EVRYRS: Forever Yours
  12. GF: Girlfriend
  13. HAK: Hug And Kiss
  14. HOLLAND: Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
  15. HVD: Happy Valentine's Day
  16. ILU: I Love U(=you)
  17. ILUVM: I Love U (=you) Very Much
  18. IMU: I Miss U(=you)
  19. IMUS: I Miss U(=you), Sweetheart
  20. ITALY: I Trust And Love You
  21. L&R: Love & Respect
  22. LOVE: Language of Various Emotions
  23. LU: Love U(=you)
  24. LUAL: Love U(=you)  A Lot
  25. LYL: Love You Lots
  26. MU: Miss U(=you)
  27. NEPAL: Never Ever Part As Lovers
  28. SWALK: Sealed With A Loving Kiss
  29. TCS: Take Care Sweetheart

V- Oh my dear Valentine

A -I will be Always yours

L - I shall Love you always

E -Our love will be Ecstatic

N- Our love shall be Never-ending

T-we will always be Together

I -you are so Intelligent and Innocent

N-you are naughty too

E- our love shall be ever-lasting 

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